Installing the imagemod packs is quite simple. For each pack, simply copy all of the files downloaded into your SE4/Pictures/xxxx folder or directory (where xxxx is the name of the image pack: components, or combat, or facilities, etc)

The only stock file that will be overwritten is the xxxx.bmp which contains the mini pictures. The new BMP file contains all of the old images and is fully backwards compatible, so stock games will not be affected. Multiplayer games will also not be adversely affected.

The reasoning behind overwriting the stock files is to avoid requiring multiple copies of these files for each mod installed. By installing them here, all mods can make use of the images, and your valuable disk space is not eaten up.

Download Links

All files are provided in RAR format, which offers superior compression to ZIP format. To use these files, you will need to use a program capable of reading RAR files, such as WinRar (Shareware) or 7-zip (Freeware).

You can acquire these files via the following torrent:

Image Mod Torrent

This would be the prefered method of distribution. You will need a Bit Torrent client to take advantage of this opportunity, such as uTorrent.

File Type Version Size
combatpack12 Full 12 87 KB
componentpack33 Full 33 49 MB
eventpack4 Full 4 2.7 MB
facilitypack19 Full 19 24.5 MB
planetpack14to15 Patch 14to15 2.5 MB
planetpack15 Full 15 11.9 MB

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