[4/21/08 4:00 PM PST] Several updates have been pushed out.

[4/20/08 9:30 AM PST] Due to issues with bad Photoshop file headers, all of the old patch files have been removed. The patches did not generally contain fixed versions of various images that are included in the full pack files, and trying to figure out all of the fixed files would be a nightmare. Thus, we have decided to start all downloaders off from a clean slate from here on out.

[2/19/08 11:30 PM PST] Component Pack 31 has been released.

[1/25/07 5:30 PM PST] Darkbeholder has set up a new mirror. Link is provided below in the Mirrors section.

[6/18/05 4:00 PM PST] For your convenience, this mirror now provides the entire Image Mod compiled into a single archive for download. This file should be extracted into your SE4 folder directly.

[3/23/05 3:30 PM PST] The Component Pack has been updated to version 25. The Facility Pack has been updated to version 16. The Planet Pack has been updated to version 12.

[2/21/05 12:30 PM PST] The Component Pack has been updated to version 24b.

[2/20/05 12:00 PM PST] The Combat Pack has been updated to version 11.

[1/11/05 at 5:30 PM PST] The Image Mod torrent file has been updated. It is located on this Bit Torrent tracker: http://bt.spaceempires.net/. There are now two options. The "Image Mod Archive 1.11.2005" torrent file will get you an archived copy of all 5 image packs. The torrent "Image Mod 1.11.2005" is a direct torrent of the bitmap files in the Image Mod. You can point it directly at your SE4 folder and it will just download those files that you do not have yet.